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Customized semi tubular solid rivet
  • Customized semi tubular solid rivet
  • Customized semi tubular solid rivet
  • Customized semi tubular solid rivet
  • Customized semi tubular solid rivet
  • Customized semi tubular solid rivet
  • Customized semi tubular solid rivet

Customized semi tubular solid rivet

Place of Origin Jiangsu
Brand Name Fastener Lover
Certification SGS,ISO9001,BSCI
Product Details
Silver, Copper, Black, Blue
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Iron
Hex, Octagon, Pentagon, Custom
Number Of Production Lines:
Cars, Ships, Planes, Machines, Appliances, Furniture
Number Of R&D:
Product Name:
Blinds Rivet
Surface Treatment:
Galvanized, Untreated, Nickel Free, Untreated, Polished, Copper Plated, Electroplated, Bright, White Washed
Standard Number:
GB12618,GB867-86,GB12617,GB975-86,GB873,GB869-86,GB875,GB876,DIN661,GB875-86,GB876-86,GBT876-1986 D1N660
Product Grade:
Brim Thickness:
Brim Diameter:
High Light: 

1/16 blind rivet


1/4 blind rivet


5/16 blind rivet

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
$0.01-0.1 pcs
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
15-30 days
Payment Terms
TT,West union,LC
Supply Ability
800000 A Week
Product Description

Customized rivets are specialized rivets that are tailored according to specific requirements and specifications to meet the needs of a particular application. Here is a description of customized rivets in English:

Customized rivets are designed and manufactured based on specific application requirements. They are tailored to meet unique specifications, dimensions, materials, shapes, strengths, and other parameters as needed. The customization process involves working closely with the manufacturer or supplier to define the exact characteristics and features of the rivet.

The customization of rivets allows for precise adaptation to the application's demands. This may involve modifications to the rivet's head shape, body diameter, length, material composition, surface finish, or any other aspect based on the specific requirements of the project.

Customized rivets are often used in specialized industries or applications where off-the-shelf rivets may not provide an optimal solution. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, construction, and manufacturing frequently require customized rivets to meet their specific design, performance, or regulatory requirements.

When requesting customized rivets, it is important to provide detailed specifications and requirements to the manufacturer or supplier. This includes providing information on the desired dimensions, materials, tolerances, strength requirements, and any other relevant parameters. Working closely with the manufacturer ensures that the customized rivets are precisely engineered to meet the desired specifications and performance criteria.

In summary, customized rivets are specialized fasteners that are tailored to specific application requirements. They offer a personalized solution by accommodating unique specifications, materials, shapes, and other features necessary for a particular project or industry.




Black, ZINC, Plain, Black Oxide, ZINC PLATED, BLUE DYED, Cadmium Plated, Zinc-aluminum Coated, Chrome Plated, Zinc-Flake Coated, Silver Plated, Blue Anodized
Brass, stainless steel, Steel, Aluminium, Plastic, Titanium, NICKEL, Bronze, Nylon
Measurement system
INCH, Metric
Head Style
Pan, Truss, Flat, Oval, Round, HEX, Cheese, Binding
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Fastener Lover
Model Number
swaq-DIN 7331-1993
Product nameR
Blinds Rivet
Model Number
swaq-DIN 7331-1993
4.8/ 8.8/ 10.9/ 12.9 Ect
Cartons+plastic Bags



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