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250mm Stainless Steel Slotted Countersunk Custom Wood Screws Electric Meter Slotted Book Binding
250mm Stainless Steel Slotted Countersunk Custom Wood Screws Electric Meter Slotted Book Binding

250mm Stainless Steel Slotted Countersunk Custom Wood Screws Electric Meter Slotted Book Binding

Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Model Number DIN
Product Details
Black, ZINC, Plain, Black Oxide, ZINC PLATED, BLUE DYED, Cadmium Plated, Zinc-aluminum Coated, Chrome Plated, Zinc-Flake Coated, Silver Plated, Blue Anodized
304 Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel A2-70
Measurement System:
INCH, Metric
Head Style:
Pan, Truss, Flat, Oval, Round, HEX, Cheese, Binding
Product Name:
Wood Screws
Head Type:
Surface Treatment:
Customized Size
4.8/ 8.8/ 10.9/ 12.9 Ect
Cartons+plastic Bags
Pitch Of Spiral:
Standard, Non-magnetic, Other
Strength Class:
Grade A, A2-70, Grade 4.8, Grade 6.8, Other
National Standard, Others
Product Grade:
High Light: 

250mm countersunk wood screws


stainless steel countersunk wood screws


countersunk wood screw

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
10000 pieces
$0.01/pieces >=10000 pieces
Packaging Details
PP bag/paper packing
Customized designer stainless steel solid compression rivets
Product Description

Wholesale Heat Resistant Countersunk Head Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Electric Meter Wood Screws For Slotted Book Binding


Wood screw is a type of fastener specifically designed for use with wood materials. Here are some key points about wood screws:

  1. Design: Wood screws have a tapered, pointed end and coarse threading along the shaft. The threading helps the screw grip and bite into the wood, providing a secure and tight connection. The head of a wood screw can vary in shape and style, including flat head, round head, oval head, or countersunk head.

  2. Material: Wood screws are typically made from steel, brass, or stainless steel. Steel wood screws are strong and cost-effective, while brass screws offer corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance. Stainless steel screws are highly resistant to rust and are commonly used in outdoor applications or environments with high moisture content.

  3. Size and Length: Wood screws come in a range of sizes and lengths to accommodate different wood thicknesses and applications. The size is typically indicated by a number, such as #6 or #10, with larger numbers representing thicker screws. The length of the screw depends on the depth of the material being fastened.

  4. Pilot Holes: In some cases, it may be necessary to drill a pilot hole before inserting a wood screw, especially when working with hardwood or when driving the screw near the edge of the wood. A pilot hole helps prevent the wood from splitting and allows for easier insertion of the screw.

  5. Applications: Wood screws are widely used in woodworking projects, furniture assembly, cabinetry, construction, and other applications where joining or fastening wood is required. They can be used to secure two or more pieces of wood together or to attach hardware, hinges, brackets, or other components to wood surfaces.

  6. Thread Options: Wood screws may have different thread options depending on the intended use. Coarse threads are typically used for softwoods, while fine threads are preferred for hardwoods. Some screws may have partial threads or a combination of coarse and fine threads.

When selecting wood screws, it is essential to consider factors such as the type of wood, the load-bearing requirements, and the desired appearance. Consulting woodworking guidelines or seeking professional advice can help ensure the appropriate wood screws are chosen for a specific project.


Product Description

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